Arthur Sonzogni



Diagon is an interactive interpreter. It transforms markdown-style expression into an ascii-art representation.

It is written in C++ and works on the Web using WebAssembly.


The WebAssembly port of SpaceCraft.


A test of fluid simulation, written in C++, compiled in ASM.js.




SpaceCraft is a game prototype which was made by @smealum, @ArthurSonzogni and @posva. Our goal with this was to make a minecraft clone which wouldn’t ground the player to a single infinite – and flat – world. Instead, we want players to be able to explore an (almost) infinite universe, made of galaxies, solar systems and planets, all the while keeping their ability to place and remove blocks. Please be aware that this is a prototype which was developed as a school project over the span about three weeks. As such, it is extremely unpolished and incomplete. That being said, we believe it is a solid foundation which could be used to make our vision a reality.



Pigami is a clone of the 3D game Bloxorz.

The principle, roll your cube (rather rectangular) to reach the finish without falling!

Buttons, Traps and other objects are there to make the game more challenging.

For the more experienced, the game has a level generator. The algorithm used will put your intelligence to the test.



In The Cube is a platform/puzzle game.

Indeed, you will have to solve a multitude of challenges. Your agility and reflection vill be put to the test.

The key to saving the world lies in a 1cm long cube, which is why an even smaller cube that you will embody is sent inside.

Through more than thirty levels, you will discover a multitude of mechanisms (laser, mirrors,…). Manipulate them with talent to go through the cube.

Strange machines are found in the most advanced levels.



Kasteet is a puzzle game. This game is based on puzzles by Professor Layton.

You must move the nested blocks of the level to reach the right configuration.

Each level is in fact a graphic creation in its own right.



IceMaze is puzzle game.

You play a block moving on the ice. Each time you move, you are forced to slide until a wall stops you. Reaching the finish position will not be easy.

About twenty levels and various blocks (locks, corner, wormhole,…)

Create your own levels with the level editor.